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Top things to do in Kisumu,

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Sitting on nearly 38 hectares some 2 miles from the city center, the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary provides a home for threatened impalas within Kisumu County. It’s also home to other wildlife such as hippos, zebras, lions, cheetahs and buffaloes. Activities offered include picnicking, bird watching and camping. The impala Ecolodge situated within the sanctuary is a state of the art establishment that offers accommodation to the tourists.  The sanctuary is open daily from 6am to 6pm.

Kisumu Museum

Kisumu Museum Located on the Kisumu-Kericho Road is Kisumu Museum that opened its doors to the public in April 1980. The main attractions here are depictions of lifestyles and diverse cultures of western Kenya, including the community’s original clothing styles, pottery, basket weaving and weaponry and fishing styles. A typical traditional Luo homestead, Ber Gi Dala, will give you a sneak preview of how it was to be one of the many wives of a polygamous Luo man. Visit here, too, if slithering reptiles do not freak you out. Crocodiles, spitting cobras and some of the world’s oldest tortoises are found here.

Kiboko Bay

Set on the shores of the Majestic Lake Victoria in Kisumu, Kiboko Bay Resort is a jogging distance from the high street, the Impala Park and the Dunga Fishing Village.

Kiboko Bay Resort has been consistently rated as the best among Kisumu resorts, giving the discerning travelers the luxury of embracing the Safari feel of an African adventure in absolute comfort.

The resort is endowed with amazing charms and natural attractions. For some the attraction of the lake is its sheer expanse. For others it is the vibrant bird life, and for many, gliding through the waters absorbing the beauty of the unspoilt wetlands and mangrove forests, and for every lover of beauty a thousand splendid sunsets on the shimmering sweet waters.

Dunga Hill Camp

Dunga Hill Camp Of all the hills in Kisumu you do not want to miss spending a couple of days on this one. Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, Dunga Hill Camp is a perfect venue for camping with friends and family. Sit on top of the hill by the lake and unwind as you watch the village life around the lake. The phenomenal vista is something you will want to capture into memories.

Kit Mikayi

Kit Mikayi, a large rock (Tor) with three rocks on top, is situated about 29 km west of Kisumu, and located about 1 km from the Kisumu-Bondo road. It stands tall above many surrounding rocks in Kangeso village. The 70 ft to 80 ft stone is also a weeping rock. It poses like a woman with a load on her back.

It is a place about a lot of stories and myths about the rocks, and you will be entertained hearing of the stories about them and also get the chance to visit the caves that have now been turned into worshiping abodes of the Legio Maria sect who pilgrimage to the site for prayers and fast.

Climb the rocks and observe the breadths and span of Lake Victoria, Kisumu City and the Kisumu International Airport as well as the rolling plains. You can get here and do your picnics too, or even participate in soccer matches with the locals at the nearby Kit Mikayi Primary School. It is the perfect get-away from town with a whole new experience.

Ndere Island National Park

Ndere Island National Park Branded the island of serenity and beauty, Ndere Island National Park lies some 45km west of Kisumu. Explore its lush shoreline and enjoy the scenic beauty that is Ndere Island. Game viewing is one of the activities to carry out while there as well. De Brazza’s monkeys, antelopes, a variety of fish species, and over 100 species of birds make up the wildlife on the island.

 Kisumu Beaches

For a scrumptious meal of big fried/stewed tilapia alongside a plateful of steaming ugali, Lwangwi beach is most notable. Devour the meal as you enjoy the cool breeze from the lake. Dunga beach, situated in Dunga village, offers great fishing. Watch as the fishermen do their daily chores and enjoy the boat rides as you sample Kisumu’s famous cuisine.

Art Markets

  1. Kisumu Art House stocks various art paraphernalia from the famous Janeqo Collections, paintings among others. It is located behind Mamba Hotel.
  2. Maasai Market located along the Kisumu Nairobi road also offers unrivalled art pieces and decorations. You cannot leave Kisumu without passing by here to purchase a piece of Kisumu arts.

Kisumu Nightlife

If you are a nocturnal animal and love to groove and shake a bit, then the over 20 clubs and lounges in town will give you the very best of Kisumu in terms of musical entertainment and dance shows, live bands and thrill from the fun crowds.

From within the town, all the way to Mamboleo and even towards the airport; you will be able to find somewhere at night where you can get entertained at night.

Barcadia Lounge, Club Samba, Latitude Lounge and Buddy’s Bar & Grill are other joints for whiling the evening away.

Town tour on ‘boda boda’ and tuk tuk taxis

The motorcycle has become a popular means of transport in many Kenyan towns. Kisumu is no exception. The term boda boda was initially used by the bicycle taxis that used to operate on Kenya’s western border region. They had a well-padded passenger seat. Today, the term refers to either the bicycle or the motorcycle taxi. Boda bodas are preferred as they provide a quick means of transport around the lake city – if you can survive the hair-raising experience of dodging vehicular and human traffic. On the other hand, tuk tuk, the three wheeled auto-rickshaw, is another alternative in Kisumu.

Lwang’ni ‘Hotel’

For decades, the fish eating outlets set up by the shores of Lake Victoria, popularly known as Lwang’ni Beach, have provided a favourable setting to enjoy sumptuous meals. Despite the temporary shades that have seen better days, Lwang’ni, which translates to housefly in Luo, provides the right atmosphere for visitors to treat their taste buds to the hot, tangy meals as they admire the eye-catching scenery of the vast lake.

Kibuye Market

Kibuye Market Dubbed one of the biggest flea/open air markets in East Africa, Kibuye Market is a great place to grab fresh produce from farms in the region. You can also get good deals on various knick-knacks and commodities. The market is most popular on Sundays.

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