20 Summer Ideas

Summer is the seasons for travelling, family time and also experiencing something new. .  We have put together the ultimate guide of the best family activities out this summer in Kenya, where there is no shortage of the African experience.  There are plenty of fascinating places to explore in Kenya; the country is steeped in history, lauded with bountiful natural beauty, and renowned for refining its rustic ambience and cultural elegance.

The whole family will definitely enjoy, you will be released of unwarranted stresses, and together you’re bound to make some brilliant memories that will last a lifetime.

Here is comprehensive list of some of the best ways to spend your time this summer in this part of Africa.

  1. Find the Perfect spot Furniture

Sit on the porch as you face the vast wilderness!

  1. Spend a Lazy Afternoon in a Hammock

Let’s get real here: Can you think of anything better than spending your day napping in a hammock on the Kenyan coast.

  1. Take a Dip in the hot springs of Baringo!


  1. Take a Canoe Ride

Spend at least one summer afternoon in a canoe at Lake Naivasha or Lake victoria


  1. Take a Bike ride

Gather friends, family and take a bike ride on a cool evening at Hells gate National Park.


  1. Take a Hike up a mountain

Mountains are the best place to cool off the steam! Hike through Mt. Longonot or go for the bigger ones like Mt Kenya.


  1. Float in a luxurious Pool

Spend the day splashing in the wild at one of the infinity/Plunge pools

  1. Go Glamping

Bonfires,barbecues in the wild on a cool evening.


  1. Go whitewater rafting on the Tana


  1. Go horseback riding on a mountain trail.

The abedares offers the best nature trail on a horse back


  1. Sample barbecue of different meats at the Carnivore restaurant.
  2. Bike/Walk on the white sandy beaches of Diani


  1. Brave the waves and go surfing in Watamu


  1. Go fishing and bring home your at the Fresh water Lake Victoria


  1. Waterskiing in Mombasa


  1. Go camping and take advantage of the great outdoors.


  1. Do Forest trekking, canopy walking, and dipping in waterfall pools at Ngare Ndare


  1. Have a picnic in the park.


  1. Moonlight dinners!



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